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Audit Services

Audits are specifically aligned with the client's business functions but to truly understand the client, we must go beyond just the financial. Our approach to financial statement audits is to combine the technical, the practical and the most sophisticated digital audit solutions in the conduct of each audit engagement.


Audits are undertaken with detailed, agreed-upon expectations to which management and the engagement team are equally committed. These commitments thread through every aspect of the way we conduct and manage an audit, enabling the engagement team to utilize resources in the most efficient way that provides consistent value-added audit services.


Our auditors and advisors must not only understand the client’s business, but also the industry in which they operate in. This deeper understanding affords us the ability and insight to go beyond the numbers so as to provide value-added suggestions, more than the typical management letter recommendations, that help our clients achieve financial and operational success.

Our approach includes an analysis of business performance against management objectives, an evaluation of business processes, an assessment of business risks and a benchmark of performance against industry standards.

This approach focuses on understanding all aspects of a client’s organization, including areas such as:

·         Industry-specific processes.

·         Sales and marketing.

·         Personnel and human resources.

·         Financial results.

·         Business processes.

·         Management of capital.

·         Management information systems.

Our approach enables us to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the organization. We want our clients to see us as business partners with whom they can discuss, in confidence, their business issues and strategies.

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