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Forensic Accounting

Our forensic accountants have the experience and technical skill necessary to understand comprehensive transactions, often with missing or incomplete data, so as to make complex financial accounting and business matters clear and easy to understand. Our findings look beyond the numbers and explain the realities of empirical evidence and transactional data. 


Our professionals have the experience, expertise, and credibility to effectively communicate findings to clients, courts, arbitrators, and mediators. We understand our clients' needs and know how essential effective and timely communication is during the litigation process.


Our forensic team can assist with all of the following types of services:

·       Forensic Accounting.

·       Contractual disputes

·       Financial Investigations.

·       Expert Testimony and Litigation Consulting.

·       Economic Damages.


Our Forensic Services practice has extensive experience assisting counsel and their clients in all phases of litigation, from discovery through trial, as well as alternative dispute resolution proceedings in a number of industries including manufacturing, distribution, retail, health care, financial services, and real estate.

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